Little Fizz

 Little Fizz Starting 9th November!


Our new Learning Theme for the November/ November half term is “AUTUMN/ WINTER &CHRISTMAS!”

Little Fizz Award Winning, exciting and engaging combination of music, movement and learning through play within a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

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Little Fizz is inspired by the excitement and energy with which little people approach life; a celebration that every child is unique and will learn and develop differently. The emphasis is on individual enjoyment, expression and experience and on spending special time together. Here you can find out all about what Little Fizz has to offer you and your little ones. You can also read some of our Little Fizz Reviews to find out out what other parents and carers think!

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 Little Fizz has lots to offer parents, carers and their little ones:

 – The 40 minute class consists of a variety of engaging activities within a learning theme, which we build on week by week.

 – Our activities are carefully designed to provide an exciting range of developmental opportunities for little ones, whilst recognizing that all children develop differently, and that they learn best whilst having fun!

– We are an inclusive and welcoming group, in which every child and carer can enjoy and benefit from regardless of ability or medical needs.

– Behind all that we do is a wealth of experience, as well as an understanding and love of little people!

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 There are 2 age groups: Little Fizz Babies (approx 0-15 months) and Little Fizz Toddlers/ Pre-schoolers (approx ages 1-4). These age groups are guidelines only as every child is different and parents and carers can try both age groups to see which is more appropriate.

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Each 40 minute class comprises of a variety of carefully designed activities linked to a learning theme. Our unique combination includes action songs with props and puppets, percussion instruments to music, movement and dance, imaginative play, parachute games, movement with props, storytelling, sensory play and yoga inspired movement.

Fun activities to provide developmental opportunities within a relaxed and fun environment.

Little Fizz activities are carefully designed to provide developmental opportunity and encouragement for little ones whilst recognizing that all children develop differently, and that they learn best whilst having fun!

Developmental areas include: 

– Body awareness, coordination, strength and motor skills

– Creative development and imagination.

– Language, vocabulary, communication and expression.

– Social Interaction and group skills.

– Early literacy and numeracy.

– Sensory development.

– Confidence and self esteem.

– An introduction to sequencing and recognising pattern.

– Knowledge and understanding of  the world.

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 Grandmas: Dads Nel