Little Fizz Toddlers and Preschoolers

Booking available for September/ October Half Term!

Our Learning Theme is “My Body”!

Our new learning theme is “My Body” and we we will be building on this exciting and fun theme week by week and burning of LOTS of energy!  We will be learning about body parts and movements and the amazing things our bodies can do, through music, movement and play! 

We will be focusing on Sensory development and how our bodies can see, ear, small, taste and touch. This them provides loads of opportunity to develop  Body Awareness, Coordination, Strength and Motor Skills. We will be learning that we are all different and everyone is special and encouraging confidence, self esteem and kindness.

tabitha instrument discovery

Questions asked by parents:

When is my child ready for the Toddler/ Preschool Class?

Although the Toddler/ Preschool Group is more active, your little one does not need to be walking to join the group. Parents and carers can decide which is better for them and nap times, friendship groups and other commitments may also be considerations. In each class there are usually toddlers and preschoolers with younger siblings who join in so there will always be younger ones in the group.  You are welcome to try the Toddler/ Preschool Groups so you can see what you think.

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When will my child be “too old” to come to the class?

Many 3-4 year olds enjoy the class and attend with or without younger sibling until they start school – and beyond whenever inset days or other opportunities occur! Lots have parents have commented that our classes are ideal for siblings to attend together as both children have fun together class together whilst also enjoying the class in different ways.

Ruth and girls

Does my child need to sit down during the class?

We are asked this question so often! Little Fizz sessions are suitable for both less and more active toddlers and children are do not need to sit still for the whole class. We have parts of the class in which we sit in the circle to introduce the idea of circle time but there are always a couple of little ones on the go during this time!

We don’t believe children need to sit still in order to learn. Toddlers are naturally activie and will enjoy being chased by exasperated parents who are trying to make them sit down more than any other activity!” Little Fizz includes plenty of opportunity for little ones to develop movement skills and burn off energy – and hopefully to be tired afterwards!