Thanks so much to the Mums, Dads and Grandparents who wrote these reviews, It is wonderful to know how much the group has meant to you and I feel so privileged to have spent such special time with you and your little ones.
gwen mum and friend

 Sam and Ade (parents to Asante) “Our son Asante will be two years old at the end of the month. Since the day he could physically move himself he has made it his life mission to involve himself in everything he can see. My days with Asante can be very long as a direct result! Liz has turned my long days into very enjoyable fun filled play dates. Asante Loves to do everything that is Liz related. From the morning he wakes up i let him know if it is a “Liz day” and he will literally run to the front door to get his shoes. He enjoys all the songs and knows them by heart. There is not an activity he doesn’t get involved with and his interest is held from start to finish. The only thing that has ever upset Asante during a session is when it ends.

I find that each session has helped Asante with his development. He has learned about colours, numbers, the body, transportation and a whole lot more. My wife and I continue some of the sessions at home as a learning tool. For me personally as an adult male i can’t have any more fun at a Liz party! I get to revisit my childhood for an hour getting to dress up and act like a child without judgement. As far as our family is concerned Liz has provided us with memories and a great deal of enjoyment. We will always attend as much as we can with Asante and any other children we have.”

Parach J

Michelle (Mum to Aimee and Emilee) “I’ve been taking my 17 month old little lady to Little Fizz since she was a few months old. She absolutely loves the class and is mesmerised by Liz! The class is really relaxed and the babies love the singing, parachute, bubbles, musical instruments and occasionally even snow! The concept of the class is great for new mums venturing out into ‘Mum World’ as there is 40 minutes of class and 20 minutes afterwards to have a cuppa, let the babies play and give mums a chance to have a chat. Best class I’ve come across, I would highly recommend!” 


Michelle tea

Gemma (mum to Jennifer May and Charlotte Rose) “The Little Fizz classes are fantastic. They have different themes, from sleeping rabbits, to flying rockets not to mention a great incorporation of all the classics. My children really love the classes and I find myself looking forward to going too. Liz is amazing with all the children and she creates a really fun filled welcoming environment for us parents too. We even get tea, coffee and biscuits. – who could ask for more? I can’t wait to sign us up to next term.”

keziak and friend

 (Becky, Mum to Zach)”I have been taking my little man, Zach since he was about 6 months (he’s now nearly 3!) and he has always enjoyed Liz’s music group! Liz is fab with the kids and impressively remembers all their names! The party’s are always something to look forward to and Zach has loved meeting the Christmas Bear! Now Zachs going to playgroup we will miss Liz but will be back for partys! A group I would recommend to anyone!”

baby kiss

Alice (Mum to Elan and Gwil) “We have been taking my 2 and a half year old to Liz’ classes since she was a few months old. She absolutely loves it! Liz is fab with the kids and makes sure everyone is involved if they want to be. There’s something different and also consistent every week, new songs and old favourites too. My daughter loves singing and has learnt a lot coming to Liz’ classes. Now my 10 month old boy joins in too and he enjoys it just as much! Highly recommended!”

gtanma mum eviecrop

Emma (Mum to Charlie) “My son loves Liz’s classes…we don’t live in Wales but we make time to attend when we are there! Best baby classes in the UK! I tour the UK and go to many, so know what I’m talking about! Liz is fab!!”

heath laugh

 Jo (Mum to Abigail and Toby) 
“After moving back to Cardiff last year, I started taking my toddler to Little Fizz and it was the best thing I did. My 19 month old loves every minute of the class, Liz is so engaging and captivates all the kids from start to finish. And it’s given me the chance to get to know other lovely local mums over the tea and biscuits at the end. It’s a wonderful way to kick-start our week!”


(Jenna, Mum to Elsie and Rosie)

“We love our classes – my little girl is coming out of herself more & more each time we go! Liz  is so lovely & from the first visit have remembered my daughters names (which I think is amazing). We love the songs & all the dancing xx”