Halloween Parties

Party Fizz Halloween Parties
halloween snowOur 10th Year of Party Fizz Halloween Parties and the Halloween Disco will be held on Tuesday 30th October and Wednesday 31st October. The venue is Christ Church Scout Hall, Lake Rd North, Roath Park, Cardiff CF23 5QN. There will be 7 parties for different age groups over the 2 days including an age 3-5 Party and a Halloween Disco for ages 5-7. Please see list of party times and online booking below – be quick – tickets sell out spookily fast!

All Parties and the Disco are 1 hr 45 mins long and will include a fun filled and age appropriate Themed Party Session (45 mins – 1 hr) followed by Halloween Themed Refreshments.

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Tickets are £7.50 for 1 child or £10.00 for 2 or more siblings. There is no for charge siblings under the age of 1 who are accompanying older siblings to the toddler/ preschool or age 3-5 party and also no charge for siblings above the age of 4 to come to accompany a younger sibling to the baby party. The age groups are intended as a guide and are flexible to accommodate sibling ages, friendship groups and any other considerations.
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Parties include a selection of Halloween Themed activities – depending on age groups:

– Music, movement and dancing.
– Party Games and Musical Games
– Parachute Games
– Action Songs with Puppets and Props.
– Activities with percussion instruments.
– Bubble Machine
– Snow Machine
– Smoke machine
 – Dancing/ activities with props: hula hoops, pom poms, dance ribbons etc
– Treasure Hunt

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Dates and Times:

Tuesday 30th October

10 -11.45am: Toddler/ Preschool Party (ages 1-4) 


12.30 – 2.15pm: Baby Party (ages 0-18m) 

Baby Halloween Party Tickets,Tuesday 30th October


3 -4.45pm: Age 3-5 Party

Age 3-6 Party Tickets, Tuesday 30th October

6 – 7.45pm:  Halloween Disco (ages 5-7)

Halloween Disco Tickets,Tuesday 30th October

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Wednesday 31st October.

10 – 11.45am: Toddler/ Preschool Party (ages 1-4)



12.30 – 2.15pm:  Baby Party (ages 0-18m)



3 – 4.45pm: Toddler/ Preschool




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