Beach Parties

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The Party Fizz Beach Hut will be opening for the 10th Year on Tuesday 31st July at * Christ Church Scout Hall! The venue will be transformed into an Indoor Beach and will host Beach Parties for ages 0-4 (older school age siblings welcome).

* Christ Church Scout Hall, Lake Rd North, Roath Park CF23 5QN

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Each Party is 1hr 45 mins long and includes  a Fun Filled 45min – 1 hr Beach Themed Party Session, with a selection of Beach Themed Activities – depending on age group. This will be followed by Beach Themed Refreshment and play/ chat time.

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Party Session Activities 

– Action Songs with props and puppets

– Parachute Games

– Music, Movement, Dancing

– Bubbles

– Sea Foam Machine

– Sensory Play 

–  Storytelling  and Imaginative Play

– Exciting  Props – Glo Toys, Pom Poms, Dance Ribbons etc

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Tickets are £7.50  for 1 baby/ child or £10 for 2 or more siblings. There is no charge for parents and both parents ar welcome to attend. Siblings aged under a year attending the Toddler/ Preschool party with an older sibling are welcome free of charge, as are siblings aged 5+ attending the Baby Party with a baby brother or sister. 

All tickets must be booked in advance and sell out every quickly. You can book online (on this page) or at Little Fizz classes if you are currently attending.

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Age Groups

There are 2 age groups: Baby (appprox age 0-18m) and Toddler/ Preschool (approx age 1-4). These are intended as a guide only and can be flexible to suit you. Activities will be similar in both but more active for the older age group and a more lively and busy feel due to the age group!

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Tuesday 31st July

2 -3.45pm: Toddler/ Preschool 

Beach Party Tickets, Tuesday 31st July

Wednesday 1st August

10-11.45am:  Toddler / Preschool

Beach Party Tickets,Wednesday 1st August

12.45- 2.30pm:  Baby 

Beach Party Tickets, Wednesday 1st August

3 – 4.45pm: Toddler/ Preschool 

Beach Party Tickets,Wednesday (afternoon) 1st August

Thursday 2nd August

10-11.45: Toddler / Preschool

Beach Party Tickets, Thursday 2nd August

12.45 – 2.30pm:  Baby 

Beach Party Tickets, Thursday 2nd August

Friday 3rd August

2 – 3.45pm:  Toddler / Preschool

Beach Party Tickets, Friday 3rd August

Saturday 4th August

 10-11.45am:   Toddler/ Preschool

Beach Party Tickets, Saturday 4th August


12.45- 2.30pm:  Baby 

Beach Party Tickets, Saturday 4th August