Book now for October!

October classes – come and join us for the last few weeks of this current half term!

Lots of spaces were nabbed by our long term Little Fizzers back in July and many snapped up by new Little Fizzers who enjoyed our Summer Classes!  Don’t miss out and join us for the rest of October!

Taster Classes are available for Newbies who will receive a warm welcome from the most relaxed class you’ll find!

 We have flexible attendance so if you are away on holiday in Oct, let us know and you just pay for the classes you can make. BARGAIN!

Our theme this half term is ‘’My Body and Me!”

This is an amazing Learning Theme where we learn body parts, all the amazing things our bodies can do, explore body sounds (!) and that we are all special and different.

We will aim to gain awareness of ourselves and also of others and being part of a group and interacting with those around us. As we develop our theme we will focus on emotions, kindness, caring and sharing.

Some amazing new songs and activities and props but always our favourite songs and dances!

The September/ October half term is always SUPER BUSY so get you space booked ASAP!

Please pay straight away to guarantee your space (please message if you pay bank transfer). If you can’t pay immediately just message me and we can sort something out.

We hope you can make it!