Jungle Theme Term Classes

Come and join us with your little monkeys for a WILD and WONDERFUL experience at Little Fizz in “The Jungle” in January 2024! We will be bringing all the colour, energy and fun of this exciting new Learning Theme to Little Fizz for a 5 week Term, starting Monday 8th January. Get ready for a roaring good time and lots of monkeying about with this cheeky theme! We love this vibrant, engaging theme, which all little ones , and their grown ups, LOVE! A perfect escape from the cold, dark dreariness of January!

Prepare to be transported to join us on a tropical adventure where our imaginations can un WILD and we explore and re create the sights and sounds of The Jungle and all the amazing creatures who live there!

Each week will will build on our Jungle Theme with the perfect combination of familiar structure and repetition and the introduction of new exciting music, movement and sensory play. At Little Fizz we understand that children thrive and feel secure with familiar music and activities and grow to love and expect their favourite songs and games.

Repetition is so important for reinforcing learning and strengthening neural pathways. As we make our journey through The Jungle, we will build on this learning, introducing new aspects and broadening our theme whilst creating new developmental opportunities and adding more excitement and variety!

Parents and carers will receive a full information pack on our Jungle Learning Theme with original Little Fizz Song words and actions, ideas for activities at home and inspiration for extending and adapting our programme to suit you and your little ones to gain the most from the JUNGLE experience!

See below to find out all about the activities we will be enjoying in our Little Fizz Jungle!

We will definitely be going BANANAS and twisting your MELON – in a good way! Can’t wait to see you in The Jungle!

Jungle Themed activities include:
  • Original Little Fizz Action Songs with exciting props and puppets!
  • Fun with Fizzy as we journey through our Little Fizz Jungle!
  • Imaginary and Creative Play!
  • New and unusual musical instruments to explore sound and replicate jungle sounds!
  • Parachute Games with jungle props!
  • Sensory Parachutes!
  • Light up Sensory Activities with Glo Props and Light Displays!
  • Story Massage!
  • Multi Sensory Play – Exploring Texture and Physical Sensations!
  • Parent/ Child Music and Movement for bonding, physical development and FUN!
  • Baby/ Toddler Sign Language!
  • Yoga Inspired Movement!
  • All our well known Little Fizz Faves – Shakers, Bouncy Song, Fizzy’s Song etc!