My Body Theme and Development


We LOVE our “My Body” theme and all the energy it brings – we learn all about different body parts, all the things we can do with our bodies and sounds we can make too! There will be lots of music and movement with funky new songs about dancing, jumping, bouncing, wiggling and giggling!
The emphasis will be on being active and healthy, enjoying movement, creative play, physical interaction and burning of energy!

This theme is great for developing:
* Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
* Coordination and Muscle Control.
* Spatial Awareness and the Vestibular System.
* Strength and Flexibility.
* Rhythm and Musicality.
* Muscle Memory and Neural Pathways.
* Social Skills and Confidence.
* Language Development and Communication Skills – verbal/ non verbal/

Research demonstrates that promoting movement and activity in young children can help increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and also decision making. When language is combined with movement, learning increases 90% and so all our Movement Songs link the movement to the language used in the song. Movement has also been shown to help calm and promote alertness in infants.

Movement is essential for developing strength in muscles and bones, and helping the brain develop and strengthen neurological pathways. It’s also good for your little one’s confidence, as they develop their abilities and discover that they can move faster, jump higher, stretch further and build on the movement skills they develop.

Most importantly, movement is FUN! It increases endorphins, makes us feel connected to each other and is and is the ideal way to help your baby or toddler help your young toddler develop socially by engaging in activities that encourage positive interaction with others. Gestures are essential for helping to build communication skills, encouraging interaction with others and understanding body language.

As well as all of our exciting new original and traditional movement songs, engaging props and fun activities we will, of course, be enjoying our Little Fizz faves: Fizzy’s Song, The Shakers Song and The Bouncy Song! We know how important repetition and familiarity is to little ones and look forward to seeing you to enjoy these every week!