Spring Half Term

Our Spring Theme Term is full of the JOYS of SPRING!
This Term is cheerful, lively, vibrant, fun filled and extra bouncy!
We will explore the amazing changes in nature as our surroundings come alive and a magical season of new life and positive energy appear!

As we make our exciting journey through our 5 week SPRING Term we will build on this inspiring Learning Theme, introducing new aspects and broadening our theme whilst creating new developmental opportunities and adding more excitement and variety!

Parents and carers will receive a full information pack on our Spring Learning Theme with original Little Fizz Song words and actions, ideas for activities at home and inspiration for extending and adapting our programme to suit you and your little ones, to gain the most from the SPRING experience!

We can’t wait to share the Joys of Spring and all of this Love, Laughter and Learning with you and your little ones!

Spring Term Activities Include:

Little Fizz Action / Movement Songs
-with exciting props and puppets!
Fun with Fizzy exploring SPRING!
Imaginary and Creative Play!
New and unusual musical instruments!
Parachute Games with SPRING props!
Sensory Parachutes!
Light up Sensory Exploration!
Story Massage /Multi Sensory Play.
Baby/ Toddler Sign Language!
Spring Dress Up fun and photos!
Yoga Inspired Movement.